About ADM Landscape Corporation

Trusted Landscaping Services Since 1980

Although ADM Landscape Corporation was officially incorporated in 1980, we actually started out as four guys working together back in the 1970s planting and cutting grass for commercial customers. Over the years, customers started to ask us for more and more so our skillset grew and grew. By the 1980s we were working on some pretty big jobs. We even expanded to include commercial snow removal.

Today we have a much larger team of dedicated and skilled professionals working to help residential, commercial and municipal customers throughout the tri-state area bring their landscaping projects to life.

The Beauty of Our Process

Every design project starts with an artistic rendering so you get to see such things as where plantings will be placed, how structures will look once they are constructed, and the effect the hardscaping and outdoor lighting has on the whole scene.

The beauty of the way we do the design is you can choose to complete it all at once or you can have it done in phases, starting with the area that is most important to you now. We want you to know that it's always your choice. We help you to understand what is possible, where things have to be planted to look good and thrive, and even how to achieve variegated color and texture all year long with blooms and foliage strategically chosen and planted.

Achieving a Natural Balance

Successful landscaping has to do with achieving the right balance. You want butterflies and humming birds but not deer? We can help you enhance your property by attracting desirable wildlife while minimizing the damage some wildlife is known to cause. You want to plant trees for privacy but not block the view of the landscape? We can help you with that too. Even if you're not exactly sure what you want, we'll work with you to help you uncover your likes and dislikes as well as the specific function you hope to achieve once everything is completed.

Working with the characteristics of the property, including all the challenges it presents such as excessive water collection is spots, clay soil, unevenness, large boulders, and unwanted wildlife, we will create a design that will thrive in its natural setting while giving you the look and feel that makes passers-by stop and take notice!

Competitively priced and always reliable, ADM Landscape has a fleet of trucks and a dedicated team of professionals, many of whom have been with the company for more than a decade, to deliver the quality and experience you desire.

Partner with a landscaping company trusted by home owners, as well as municipal, and commercial customers since 1980. Give us a call 718-805-7272 today to discuss how we can make your landscaping dreams a reality!

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