Smart Garden

fresh air for all

eco-friendly air purifying garden units for your home or office

Eco-friendly, air purifying garden units accelerate removal of harmful aerial particles; channeling nature in indoor spaces.

NEW YORK – ADM Landscape Corporation, a full-service design, build and maintenance landscaping firm that works with residential, commercial, and municipal clients throughout the Tri-state region, has been appointed the exclusive New York Metro area distributor of Respira, a hydroponic smart garden that purifies air through biofiltration. Designed by Ontario-based ecological startup New Earth Solutions, the portable installation offers both workspace and homes a sustainable and compact method for improving indoor air quality, eliminating dry air, improving sleep, and rejuvenating mindfulness. New York Metro residents, office workers, and other commercial tenants may purchase a Respira unit with plants and accessories from ADM Landscape Corporation’s website or by calling (718) 805-7272.

“Respira will play an integral role in restoring New York City’s vibrancy, especially at a time when residents and workers are hyper aware of air quality in their homes and offices,” says Andy DiMarino, President of ADM Landscape Corporation. “A self-watering, self-feeding and self-lighting system is built into each unit, making clean air accessible for all New Yorkers through a perfect fusion of botany and advanced smart technology.”

A patented biofiltration process pulls air from the top of each Respira device through the biologically active root zone, where beneficial organisms consume toxins. Shortly afterward, naturally purified air is released through the front of each unit. The smart garden, which can be installed in about 10 minutes, features an integrated monitor and companion smartphone app that manages and monitors water temperature, air temperature, air flow, and humidity levels. Respira is also IOT-enabled, allowing users to connect the system to their home networks to view air quality and plant health from any room.

Respira can be mounted on a wall or set up in a planter to complement multiple furnishing styles and layouts. Moreover, there are three different foliage kits available, which include”Pothos,” an assortment of durable plants with descending leaves; “Tropical,” an assortment of low light rainforest plants; and “Vibrant,” featuring several varieties of multi-colored plants. Each unit is manufactured using bamboo and sustainably sourced ABS plastic. A reusable pre-filter may be used to supplement the plant’s natural filtration abilities.

Respira is a low-maintenance smart garden that requires no soil. Its plants are fed by nutrients that need to be replenished every six months. The water basin should be refilled every 10 days, and the pre-filter should be washed every two months.